Maria Nofuentes

Maria Nofuentes

Maria Nofuentes

Maria Nofuentes

Hello, my name is Maria, I decided to become craniosacral practitioner when I realized how life can be changed positively with such a delicate touch.

My life took a U-turn in 2008 and craniosacral guides me as a philosophy of life. 

I was born in Galicia (Spain), but I lived a long time in Andalucia where I went to college. I studied Agronomy and I worked few years at the University, but in 2009, after my postdoctoral stay in Trento (Italy), I decided to have a break in my academic career.

By following a theatre course in Trento I felt the need to reconnect with myself - to look inside - and that was the beginning of a new path. I wanted to understand how our body communicates to ourselves - and to others.

In 2010 I moved to Turin and I enrolled in Physical Theater Atelier Philip Radice and in Accademia delle Libere Arti e delle Scienze Parallele known today as

Accademia Nazionale Craniosacrale. For 4 years I received training and supervision in craniosacral therapy and meditation. Since 2012 I have my own craniosacral therapy practice.  

I try to keep myself updated. I have done the Living Anatomy course at the craniosacral therapy educational trust school in London. I am studying Cranial Pedriatics with Ian Wright and I follow Dr. Jaap van der Wal's work on embryology.

I like to practice daily meditation and since 2015 I dance, I attend workshops mostly with Ana Stegnar and with Eve Bonneau. With Eve I have collaborated on her research about "body conversation" and we have a workshop together: Craniosacral rhythm in dance.

During 2019 and 2020 I was trained in Family Constellations by Cecilia Altieri in Brussels, the aim is to integrate both disciplines, Systemic Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. Our body remembers and we act accordingly without being aware of, so I find very powerful to combine both of them.

Since 2021 I am member of embrace - a network of professionals engaged with the soma—the experiencing body. We are artists, movement educators, and therapists whose work nourishes embodied intelligence.  If you want to know more about us, you can subscribe here to our newsletter.

Our body talks to us continously, by listening to it (us) we re-connect with ourselves and our life can become much lighter and easier. I love craniosacral therapy because it is a gentle and kind way to work in our personal histories throughout our body while we regain and acquire awareness, space and freedom.