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"I am thankful for finding Maria and have been a regular customer. I did not know about her treatment method and certainly did not know what to expect. She can connect on a very deep level and bring up emotions suppressed. I always feel energized and spiritually elevated after her healing sessions. It is an absolute treat to improve your quality of life!" - István

"If you are looking for a unique experience that will make a major positive impact on all aspects of your life, then you are at the best place in the best hands with María. I turned to her, as I found that I wanted to develop in my life, since I felt myself stuck for a while. She was the support I just needed, helped me through many things – some I did not even know they existed, – it helped to heal my family and my own traumas, past experiences, and was instrumental, it supported me to change my perception and feeling about various aspects of my life. Her work offers support, help that is not comparable to anything else. She is making truly essential positive changes, we all seek and need (even if we are not aware of it). María has a lot of knowledge, insight and unique skills to offer, that open doors and heals you in a very concrete and direct way, its impact will be quick and tangible." - Brigitta

"Maria is a very sensitive and direct to the point practioner. I am very grateful for the treatments I have received both in person and online. Every time I feel a step fordward in the release of old patterns and a wave of liberation and wellbeing. I highly recommend her!!" - Ana

"very sensitive practicioner with caring hands and heart, lots of experiences and awareness. i highly recommend her!" - Agnes

"Maria helped me a lot during periods I was pretty stressed. She was able to remove this stress even after 1 Cranio session. So when you have some stressy moments, I really recommend to get in touch with her." - Amin

"After my operation, my body wasn't in balance anymore. Maria has helped me tremendously mentally and physically to get that balance back. Each session was intense and each session was focusing on the issue I was experiencing at that moment. Maria has a lot of knowledge and experience and approaches each client as an individual. Her warm and friendly personality makes you feel comfortable." - Inge

"Praktisch gezien heeft de Cranio Sacrale therapie geholpen om mijn sinussen vrij te maken en om mijn energiepeil te verhogen. Dat waren de hoofdredenen waarom ik een sessie wou proberen. Zo kijken we vandaag vaak tegen problemen aan, niet enkel op persoonlijk vlak maar ook in een globale context: doe er iets aan, liefst op een praktische manier en met onmiddellijk resultaat. Wat ik echter ervaren heb, was meer dan dat: onder de kundige begeleiding van Maria Nofuentes kon ik detecteren hoeveel energie (of gebrek eraan) ik heb, niet enkel door de tijd te nemen maar door me hier specifiek op te leren richten, met een open en ontspannen geest.  Het heeft me overtuigd dat dit niet zomaar een snelle remedie is, maar dat het iets is waar je je meer en meer bewust van wordt.  Ik wil de sessies in StudioSacral daarom warm aanbevelen aan iedereen, maar specifiek aan mensen die al de voordelen van meditatie, yoga of tai chi ervaren hebben. Het is een andere, zachte manier om de dialoog tussen lichaam en geest te voeren. Anders dan massages, die je grotendeels ondergaat om je te ontspannen, leer je hier stukje bij beetje vooral hoe je eigen energie ‘werkt’." - Liesbeth

"Last time I checked online, Cranio-Sacral therapy was still listedas a discipline who’s effects are not “scientifically documented”.You won’t hear Maria argue with it, or brag about how wrong that is. To me, this is one of those instances where science eitheris running behind, has not found the right tools yet, or has it downright wrong. Whether it’s Maria's training, her personal energy, or both,that I don’t know. But I have yet to meet the person who cannot benefit from what Maria has to offer. Her treatment and care can be a great help to put people in their own full power. In a way she may connect you to your future. But she does it by bringing you in the “now".If you are ready to receive, Maria is ready to give.I can’t wait to our next session." - Wouter 

"It was a strong and liberating trajectory, thank you Maria" - Roberto

"I am Francesco and I live in Turin. I have received few craniosacral sessions from Maria, since her  training years untill she moved to Belgium. I find that this silent treatment has a great power on  the whole body  (physical and sublte). It is silent because it is able to  make contact with our unconscious and deep states,  the comunication with the practitioner is created through a sensitive listening  which can surpass the mind and all that is prebuilt in us. This treatment allowed me to go into deep states and  to release present and past blocks, feelings and emotions. I was able to feel my own inner-movement, to see colors, to re-experience events, to laugh and to cry, and to be, consciously or not, in front of what was not going well..." - Francesco 

"I received many treatments from Maria, I was lucky because I became her “case” during her training years, and I am so grateful for all the experiences we could share. None of the sessions have been similar, but in all of them I could “travel” through my body and my unconscious to discover blocks, fears, hidden feelings...It is very difficult to describe something that is so deep and subtle at a sensorial level. During the sessions, while I was in a totaly relaxing state Maria was re-balancing and pomping the lifeblood up throughout my whole body. At a physical level I have experienced cold after the treatments (an energy renewal sign), sometimes we talked during the session while we worked on my “inner demons” or on any childhood experience. This work with CranioSacral allowed me to feel more serenity and equillibrium. Thanks to Maria I discovered the inner-doctor power, the doctor who is in all of us, but with her I experienced it for the first time, and since them I always call him when I need him.Maria is a very sensitive and emphatic person, with a high capacity to connect with who is lying down, I remember one day I was receiving a treatment and both of us saw the same colors and forms.I believe sometimes we need to experience to understand, and that our unconcious is an inmense place to explore.thank you Maria for this deep healing, it is working even now. Thank you, thank you, thank you..." - Gaia 

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